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Opal Education

How to Determine a Genuine Opal From a Fake One

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A genuine opal is one of the few precious gemstones that most people love and adore. They are gorgeous looking and valuable which is why they are known as the “Queen of All Gemstones.”

However, not all opal stones are that valuable and attractive. Some of them are man-made designed to look like the real thing.

The truth is, there are a lot of fake opals being sold in the market. They look similar to the real stones which makes them a little bit difficult to identify.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to determine if an opal is genuine or not. So, if you need help in telling them apart, then here are 3 ways you can identify a real opal from a fake one.

3 Ways to Identify a Genuine Opal from a Fake One

Hardness or Solidity

Real opals are extracted from various mining fields located all over the world. These precious stones are made of tiny silica spheres that form deep inside the Earth’s crust. They average between 5.5 up to 6.0 on the hardness scale.

On the other hand, man-made or fake opals are composed of different types of plastic and other materials. This makes them harder than the real ones which is a great way to tell them apart from one another.

Stone Patterns

Another way to differentiate a genuine opal from a fake one is by checking the patterns on the stone. Real opals have irregular patterns due to the natural arrangement of silica materials which opal lovers admire. While lab-grown and man-made opal gems have more systematic patterns due to our fascination and desire for perfection.

UV Light Reaction

The best way to determine whether an opal stone is real or fake is by exposing it to UV lights. Natural opals tend to glow while under UV lights due to their chemical composition. While artificial ones do not simply because their materials lack the properties that natural gemstones possess.

Final Words About Genuine Opal

Knowing how to identify a genuine opal from a fake one provides you with a lot of benefits. It does not only allow you to choose the best natural opals for yourself but it can also help you negotiate for a better price.

Now, if you are looking for a dealer that can provide you with a large selection of attractive genuine opals, then you should contact the Opal Trading Co. in Brisbane. We can provide you with the best genuine Australian opals that you will surely fall in love with and enjoy.

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